Why we love making soap…

We love this beautiful, blue planet of ours…  We care about water and recycling.  We prefer the simple things in life, a slow pace, and handcrafted goods…  We also like to support small businesses and local industry, and we do like to keep clean!

Things low on our agenda are slathering ourselves with chemicals and mysterious additives.  From there the need for soap free of parabens and  SLES.  Soap you can literally eat!  (No kidding!)  And soap which is hypoallergenic and biodegradable…  So go on, water those veggies and flowers with your recycled shower water with pleasure!

And so, after several attempts, we’ve settled on a soap formula consisting primarily of coconut oil and kaolin clay. In contrast to water-based moisturisers, coconut oil provides deep and real moisture for your skin, while kaolin clay is a gentle cleanser and mild exfoliator, suitable for sensitive skins. Combined, these two ingredients are the perfect base for Blessed Soap.

Our packaging

Is great for your garden too!  Please add the wood cellulose bags and bamboo boats to your compost heap, or better still re-use or repurpose into something pretty or useful.

(with thanks to your friends at www.greenhome.co.za)


So, what’s inside you ask?  Every delicious bar of Blessed Soap contains…  Coconut oil, kayolin clay, distilled water, natural colours and fragrance…  And blessings, of course!

And what won’t you find?  Parabens and SLES.

Parabens are man-made and can mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been linked to the development of breast cancer. My family has a history of breast cancer, yet, I had no idea that paraben existed, or its inadvertent role in my future, should I chose to ignore reading shampoo, soap and other beauty product labels.

Sodium lauryl ether sulfast (SLES for short) is a common, inexpensive foaming agent which is added to many cleaning products. It’s know to cause skin irritation, especially for those of us with sensitive skin or eczema.



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